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If p₁ and p₂ are mutually perpendicular principal stresses acting on a soil mass, the normal stress on any plane inclined at angle θ° to the principal plane carrying the principal stress p₁, is_____.

  • A. [(p₁ – p₂)/2] + [(p₁ + p₂)/2] sin 2θ
  • B. [(p₁ – p₂)/2] + [(p₁ + p₂)/2] cos 2θ
  • C. [(p₁ + p₂)/2] + [(p₁ – p₂)/2] cos 2θ
  • D. [(p₁ + p₂)/2] + [(p₁ – p₂)/2] sin 2θ
Answer: Option C.

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