Mass Transfer

In a liquid-liquid extraction, 10 kg of a solution containing 2 kg of solute C and 8 kg of solvent A is brought into contact with 10 kg of solvent B. Solvent A and B are completely immiscible in each other whereas solute C is soluble in both the solvents. The extraction process attains equilibrium. The equilibrium relationship between the two phases is Y* = 0.9X, where Y* is the kg of C/kg of B and X is kg of C/kg of A. Choose the correct answer.

  • A. The entire amount of C is transferred to solvent B
  • B. Less than 2 kg but more than 1 kg of C is transferred to solvent B
  • C. Less than 1 kg of C is transferred to B
  • D. No amount of C is tranferred to B
Answer: Option A.

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