Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

In a reversible chemical reaction (where, Δx = number of moles of products-number of moles of reactants )

  • A. Addition of inert gas favours the forward reaction, when Δx is positive
  • B. Pressure has no effect on equilibrium, when Δn = 0
  • C. Addition of inert gas has no effect on the equilibrium constant at constant volume for any value of Δx (+ ve, – ve) or zero)
  • D. All of the above
Answer: Option D.

All the given statements are correct. According to Le Chatelier’s principle when we apply high pressure the system will react in such a way that it counters the effect of increasing pressure so, the system has to shift the equilibrium towards less number of moles side(thereby, decreasing the volume) and thus opposing the effect. But in the given reaction the numbers of moles are same in both reactants and products side so, the tendency to shift the equilibrium towards products side and reactants side become equal and thus showing no effect on equilibrium.

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