.NET Programming Solved (MCQs)

Section 1

Each Section contains maximum 50 questions. To get more questions visit other sections.

Q21. Which of the following is NOT an Assignment operator in C#.NET?

  • A. \=
  • B. /=
  • C. *=
  • D. +=

Q22. A GUI:

  • A. uses buttons, menus, and icons.
  • B. should be easy for a user to manipulate.
  • C. stands for Graphic Use Interaction.
  • D. Both a and b.

Q23. Visual Studio .NET provides which feature:

  • A. debugging.
  • B. application deployment.
  • C. syntax checking.
  • D. All of the above.

Q24. What does IDE stand for?

  • A. Integrated Development Environment
  • B. Integrated Design Environment
  • C. Interior Development Environment
  • D. Interior Design Environment

Q25. Which is not a main component of the Visual Studio IDE?

  • A. Solution Explorer
  • B. Tool Box
  • C. Start Menu
  • D. Designer Window

Q26. Which does the solution explorer not display?

  • A. Form Properties
  • B. Reference Folder
  • C. Form File
  • D. Assemble File

Q27. The Button control can be activated:

  • A. programmatically through the click event.
  • B. by clicking the button with the mouse.
  • C. with the form’s DefaultButton property.
  • D. Both a and b.

Q28. Which sequence of char data types is listed from lowest to highest?

  • A. a, A, z, Z
  • B. a, z, A, Z
  • C. A, a, Z, z
  • D. A, Z, a, z

Q29. The Boolean data type:

  • A. is unsigned.
  • B. has two states.
  • C. is displayed by the program as yes or no.
  • D. Both a and b.

Q30. VB.Net identifiers:

  • A. are case sensitive.
  • B. can begin with an underscore.
  • C. can begin with a number.
  • D. Both a and b.

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