.NET Programming Solved (MCQs)

Section 1

Each Section contains maximum 50 questions. To get more questions visit other sections.

Q31. The proper operator precedence, from first to last, is:

  • A. logical, comparison, and arithmetic.
  • B. arithmetic, comparison, and logical.
  • C. arithmetic, logical, and comparison.
  • D. comparison, arithmetic, and logical.

Q32. With A = False and B = True, which statement evaluates as True?

  • A. A AND A
  • B. A AND B
  • C. B AND A
  • D. B AND B

Q33. Which operator is evaluated first?

  • A. NOT
  • B. AND
  • C. XOR
  • D. OR

Q34. In the For…Next statement the default value for the Step is:

  • A. -1
  • B. 0
  • C. 1
  • D. 2

Q35. Which is a type of procedure found in VB.Net?

  • A. Event
  • B. Function
  • C. Sub
  • D. All of the above.

Q36. A sub procedure is valuable because it:

  • A. makes code easier to maintain.
  • B. splits the logic to solve a problem into small, manageable units.
  • C. limits the number of times the code can be accessed.
  • D. Both a and b.

Q37. Which method will return the number of elements in an array?

  • A. Dimension
  • B. Length
  • C. Number
  • D. Size

Q38. What is required to reference an element in an array?

  • A. Array name
  • B. Index value of the element
  • C. Element value
  • D. Both a and b.

Q39. Which method will arrange the elements of an array in alphabetical order?

  • A. Arrange
  • B. Assemble
  • C. Order
  • D. Sort

Q40. Which dialog control allows the user to zoom in on a document?

  • A. PrintDialog
  • B. PrintPreview
  • C. PageSetupDialog
  • D. Both a and b.

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